zebra 110Xilll, 110Xi4, R110xi4, 140Xilll, 140Xi4, 170Xilll, 170Xi4, R170xi4, 220Xi, 220Xi4, 105SL


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CITIZEN CL-E300,CLE300, CL-E303, CL-E631, CL-E321,CL-E631,CL-E331, CLE331, CL-E521, CLE521, CL-E621,


Citizen's unique 6-inch CL‑S6621 label printer sets a new standard for desktop machines. Smaller and more efficient than any other comparable printer, the CL‑S6621 offers automatic Cross-Emulation, for easy integration and compatibility

SEWOO SLK-TS400, SLK-TS100, SLK-TL100, SLK-T42, SLK-D30, SLK-D10, SLK-TE25, SLK-TE122, SLK-TL122, SLK-TE323, SLK-TE322 II, SLK-TL322 II, SLK-T20EB II, LK-P25, LK-P34, LK-P24, LK-P20Ⅱ(P20), LK-P22/P22MI, SLK-TS400, SLK-TS100, SLK-TL100, SLK-T42, LK-P12Ⅱ, LK-P21, LK-P31, LK-P30Ⅱ(P30), LK-P41, LK-P43Ⅱ, SLK-D30, LK-B425, LK-B24, LK-B20R, LK-B21R, LK-B30Ⅱ, LK-B10/B12, LK-B20Ⅱ/B230Ⅱ, LK-B40, NBP-30, NBP-150, NBP-60, NBP-50, BPR-70II


LK-B24 Compact desktop label printer

Rapid graphic printing at 127mm/sec

Paper width adjustable from 20mm to 114mm

Labeling software ‘Label Cooker’ supplied as a professional solution

EPL II, ZPL II Command compatible

Standard interface capabilities : USB, Serial(RS-232C), Ethernet

SATO PW2NX, CL4NX, CL6NX, M84Pro, X-2300E, X-2300ZE, WS208, WS212, WS408, WS412, CT408i, CT412i, CT424i, CG208, CG212, CP-2140Z, OS-2140 DZ, OS-214 Plus, PW208NX, TH208, FX3-LX, GY412, M10e, TG308, TG312, PB-105, PB-106, PB-180, PB2-230, SAMARK, 2208 PA1 / PA2, 2208 PA1 / PA2 Plastic, 8.22 PL PA, 10.26 PL PA / AIR JET, PS-18 PA, P12, P14, P16 / ALPHA, 18.29, 33.29, 13.22, 15.22, 20.26, 18.32, S84-ex, S84-ex, S86-ex, Lt408, LP 100R, CS-9018, TECSX5, TXPSX, WS408, WS412, Turn-O-Matic, Eagle Eye 6800 1D, Eagle Eye 6821 2D


The M84 Pro Series is a rugged industrial generation of high performance printers with high-resolution capabilities suitable for heavy-duty work. Used across a range of asset tracking, component labelling and ticketing applications for shipping and receiving environments, as well as asset tracking scenarios.

barcode printer ribbon and barcode label


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Thermal Labels for Kiosk and ticket printing along with thermal paper label


barcode zebra wax, resin, ribbon, label, wristband labels with different sizes, plan and preprinted thermal paper


80mmX80mitre Thermal Paper roll for receipt printers, thermal paper for kiosk